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In the conclusion to the epic AskGSG series, learn about making your own rainbow road, how to make a fully physically accurate velcro, and so much more. Get some mograph knowledge that you didn't even know you needed.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

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    AskGSG Season 4

    • S4E1 - Rig Up a Rainbow Road Race Track, Sending Ripples Through Objects, Playing With Gears and Connectors

    • S4E2 - Floating Objects, Paper Cutout Look, Rigging a 2D Face, Modeling a Low-Poly Monster Truck

    • S4E3 - Procedural Noise, Shattered Glass, Low-Poly To High Poly Conversion

    • S4E4 - Flipping Clock Mechanism, Tracing Lines To a Surface, Collapsing House, Complex Fog, Organic Web Spiral

    • S4E5 - Gold Embroidery Effect, Dropping an Object Into Cloth, Making Tauntaun Guts, Bamboo Modeling, Making an Eroded Object

    • S4E6 - Inflating an Object to Fill a Room, Popping a Text Balloon, Modeling a Hex Filled Sphere, Pastel Floaty Shapes, Cloth Tests

    • S4E7 - 3D Printer Fabric, Living Blood Drops, Gorillacam

    • S4E8 - Overlapping Color Patterns, Faking Sound Distorting Stream of Water, Sketch and Toon, Growing Wires

    • S4E9 - Controlling Beams Of Light With Mograph, Splats of Paint, Scribble Lines, Slow Moving Splash

    • S4E10 - Combining Multiple Bump Maps, Quickly Modeling Internal Structure, Feed Hay Into a Machine, Smashing and Denting Objects

    • S4E11 - Making Clothing in C4D, Tinkering With Pixelated Pattern, Wrinkly Inflated Objects, Melting a Blob

    • S4E12 - Procedural Tree Bark, Modeling Headphone Holes, Stepped Noise, Fill a Volume With Beans

    • S4E13 - White Lined Spirograph, Drizzling Melted Chocolate, Spiral Bottle Modeling, Growing Wave of Mograph Shapes

    • S4E14 - Random Swirling Traced Object, Crazy Spiral Patterns

    • S4E15 - Expanding Field Of Ice Spikes, Shoe-esque Fabric Growing On, Cube Subdivision

    • S4E16 - Wiggly Jiggly Cube, S&T Effects and Tricks

    • S4E17 - Liquid Gold Effect with X Particles

    • S4E18 - Melting Swirly Splines and Text, Modeling a Studded Belt, Layered Dynamics, Tesseract, Richer Scale Rig

    • S4E19 - Better Volumetric Noise, Stylized Layered Buildings, Keychain Animation

    • S4E20 - Cardboard Animal Effect, Mechanical Rigging For Contraptions

    • S4E21 - Molasses Effect, Topographic Head Effect, Map Topography Effect

    • S4E22 - Velcro Pulling Off Effect, Spinning Filament / Fence Effect

    • S4E23 - Dandelion Effect, Clouds, Rainbow Foam Styles

    • S4E24 - Crumpling Paper Effects

    • S4E25 - Fancy Chain Watch Look, Twist Hair Effects

    • S4E26 - Vaporwave Style Cube Effect, Modeling a Castle Scene,

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Chris Schmidt

Chris is a Cinema 4D master, the host of AskGSG, and all-around technical wizard.

Founder / Owner

Nick Campbell

Nick is the founder of Greyscalegorilla. He creates fun tutorials with a focus on Motion Design and helps build tools and plugins to help 3D animators make great looking work.

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