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Grab some popcorn (many many many bags of it) because AskGSG is a series with hundreds of hours of Cinema 4D content. In this series, we cover just about anything you can think of. It all starts right here. Browse the videos below and learn a new technique today.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

  • 1

    AskGSG Preseason

    • Preseason 1 - Page Turns, Popup Book Tricks, and Dynamics

    • Preseason 2 Nick Q&A

    • Preseason 3 - Glass Shapes, Mograph Builds, and Inheritance Effectors

    • Preseason 4 - Clay Renders, Ruby Rocks, and Dramatic Lighting

    • Preseason 5 - Kaleidoscope Looks, Xpresso Door Rig, and Leaves In The Wind

    • Preseason 6 - Mograph Looks and Cloth Type

    • Preseason 7 - Tracer Tricks, Echos and Unwrapping a Candy Bar

  • 2

    Season 1

    • S1E1 - Metal Texture, Wood Texture, Daylight Lighting Look

    • S1E2 - Voxels, Softbody Pressure, Electron Microscope Looks

    • S1E3 - Mograph Voxels, Balloon Pop, Cracked Logo

    • S1E4 - Mograph Tunnel, Depth Maps, Mograph Logo, Tree Animation

    • S1E5 - Goopy Drippy Look, Back Lit Looks, Crack Egg Dynamics

    • S1E6 - Exploded Diagram Look, Mograph Roller Coaster, Explosion Mograph

    • S1E7 - Fabric Look, Melted Look, Mograph Lighting

    • S1E8 - Beeple Blob How To - Arc Reactor Model

    • S1E9 - Arc Reactor Lighting, Clay Render

    • S1E10 - Nick Q&A

    • S1E11 - Carved In Stone Look

    • S1E12 - Fluids, Goopy Mograph, Glass Mograph

    • S1E13 - Morph Animation, Wave Mograph

    • S1E14 - Mograph DOF, Mini Landscape, Scratched Paint

    • S1E15 - Hair Modeling, Squid Modeling, Metaballs Mograph

    • S1E16 - Mograph Animation, Whale Animation

    • S1E17 - Shockwave, Depth Mattes, Flower Animation

    • S1E18 - Nick Q&A

    • S1E19 - Bubble Text, Cloth Ripping

    • S1E20 - Realistic Cloth, Fur

    • S1E21 - Mograph Sphere World

    • S1E22 - Mograph Logo Animation, Fire Animation

    • S1E23 - Balloon Type, Target Effector, Chain Loop

    • S1E24 - Sports Graphics, Mograph

    • S1E26 - Build a Pyramid, Black Hole Mograph

    • S1E27 - Model a Teacup, Glow Spheres Look

    • S1E28 - Model a Jellyfish, Hair Tracer Look

    • S1E29 - Inflate Text, Softbody, Island Text

    • S1E30 - Slow Mo Softbody, Wind Effects, Tessalate

    • S1E31 - X-Particles Wing, Subsurface Skin

    • S1E32 - Gummy Dynamics, Hair Growth

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Chris Schmidt

Chris is a Cinema 4D master, the host of AskGSG, and all-around technical wizard.

Founder / Owner

Nick Campbell

Nick is the founder of Greyscalegorilla. He creates fun tutorials with a focus on Motion Design and helps build tools and plugins to help 3D animators make great looking work.

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