The epic training series continues

The answer to the question, "Can Cinema 4D Do This?"

In Season 3, Cinema 4D master Chris Schmidt and friends continue to show you everything they know - episode by episode. This season, learn epic tricks using Voronoi fracture, daily render ideas and some really awesome advanced texturing techniques.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

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    Ask GSG Season 3

    • S3E1 - Shiny Hexagon Titles, Honeycomb cloner, Voronoi Fracture, Volumetric Light

    • S3E2 - Layering Transparent Objects, Simple Matte Painting, Trigger Sound Based On Collisions

    • S3E3 - Glowing Techno Pillar

    • S3E4 - Faking Liquid Splash With Morphs, Simple Shattering Ball, Coil of Wires

    • S3E5 - Popping a Balloon, Modeling a Pinecone, Spotted and Striped Shadows, Fleshy Texturing

    • S3E6 - Texturing A Robot, Animated Ice, Vacuum Sealing A Model, Condensation, Attaching Model To A String

    • S3E7 - Interlocking Chain, Making a 2D Map, Ripped Cloth Flag, Illustrated 2D Toon Look

    • S3E8 - X-Particles Waterfall, Twirling Softbody Orbs, Voronoi Fracture, Layered Effectors, MoInstance Object

    • S3E9 - Logo Reveal In Cloth, Faking Fractals, Extruding Softbodies, Modeling an Undersea Mine

    • S3E10 - Bouncy Stylized Wool Hair, Stripes on a Worm Model, Modeling/Texturing/Lighting a Mushroom

    • S3E11 - Wiggling Stripes, Slithering Neon Tube, Curved Sports Text, Sugar Covered Gummy Textures

    • S3E12 - SPD Landscapes, Cloth Draped Text, Children's Blocks

    • S3E13 - Creating Blobs From Noise, Fog Techniques, Twisty Blob Sphere, Softbody Inflating

    • S3E14 - Landscapes, Non-Overlapping Dot Patterns, Blobby Liquid Shapes, Looping Ream Of Paper

    • S3E15 - Cracks before Crumbles, Blobby Daily Render, Dotted Mesh, Analog Flipping Clock

    • S3E16 - Layering Glass, Forcing Cloth Out of Tube, Can Simulation Effectors, Objects Encased In Glass

    • S3E18 - Orange Taffy Render, Spinning Sculpture, Faking a Quick String Headwrap, Rapid Blinking Lights

    • S3E20 - Frosted Glass, Infinite Mograph Flower, Cloth, Paint Strokes

    • S3E21 - Swirling Particles, Future Gloves, Random Noises/Colors, Burning Cloth

    • S3E22 - Feather Star, Folding Structures, Growing Pyramid Shapes, Polygonal Mosaics

    • S3E23 - Growing a Crystaline Structure, Las Vegas Sign, Fractured Crystals

    • S3E24 - Marble Contraption, Displaced Typography, Water Reacting To Geometry

    • S3E25 - Water Swirling From A Tennis Ball, Bokeh Dust, Ripples On A White Backdrop

    • S3E26 - Abstracted Layered Ribbons, Object Traveling Along Detailed Surface, Sliced Up Cartoon Cell

    • S3E27 - Breaking Glass, Eyeball Rigging, Wavy Geometry, Paint Splatters with X-Particles

    • S3E28 - Geometric Tracing, Creating Custom Glows, Oil and Vinegar

    • S3E29 - Modeling Heart Shapes, Damaging Text Edges, Growing Grass In a Text Pattern, Swirl Patterns

    • S3E30 - Infected Plants, Breaking a Flat Logo, Refractive Shield Effect, Hair Based Grass

    • S3E31 - Geometric/Organic Selections, Meta Blob, Piling Up Ribbon, Signal BPM, Dynamic Buoyancy

    • S3E32 - Ring Displacements, X-Particle Neuron, Engraved Text

    • S3E33 - Stylizing a Moving Character, Bouncing Water Drop, Animating To A Beat, Greebled Shapes, Fast Extrudes On Text

    • S03_E34 - Experimental Rigging, Cell Pattern, Morphing Pile Of Cubes, Modeling a Globe From a Vector File

    • S3E35 - Particle Clumping With X-Particles, Spiky Tentacle Arm, Dynamic Objects

    • S3E36 - Geometric Looking Lowpoly, Conveyor Belt, Strobing Sculpture, Signal BPM

    • S3E37 - Displaced Landscapes, Metallic Scales, Deflating / Inflating Objects, Vertex Maps with Falloffs

    • S3E38 - Displacement Lines, Rocket Pop Render Challenge, Organic Popped Mesh

You’ll learn from the best 3D design instructors…

Chris Schmidt

Chris is a Cinema 4D master, the host of AskGSG, and all-around technical wizard.

Founder / Owner

Nick Campbell

Nick is the founder of Greyscalegorilla. He creates fun tutorials with a focus on Motion Design and helps build tools and plugins to help 3D animators make great looking work.

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