Learn The Details Of Cinema 4D

Season 2 is packed with hours of useful tips and tricks for your next render.

From advanced texturing to basically every single function of the mograph tools, this season of AskGSG is packed to the rafter with tidbit after tidbit of useful tips and tricks.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

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    Season 2 Intro

    • Season 2 Recap

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    AskGSG Season 2

    • S2E1 - Cable Typography, Cube Flip, Dynamic Sphere Fill

    • S2E2 - Fractured Geometry, Melting Monkey

    • S2E3 - Hex Extrude, Wire Face

    • S2E4 - Abstract Ring Sculpture

    • S2E5 - Realistic Food Render, Cheese Render

    • S2E6 - Heartbeat Animation, Tendrils, Perspective Type

    • S2E7 - Beeple Projection Look

    • S2E8 - Conveyor Belt Animation, Flower Animation

    • S2E9P1 - Swirls, Orbs, and Monkey Heads

    • S2E9P2 - S2E9P1 - Swirls, Orbs, and Monkey Heads Part 2

    • S2E10 - Glass Sculpture, Follow Blocks

    • S2E11 - Polygon Pixels, Assembly Line, City in the Fog

    • S2E12 - Brain Look, Glass Dog, Looping Signal, Star Ball

    • S2E13 - Microchip City, Cloth Animation, Cloth Tear

    • S2E14 - Lego Hand Model, Model Hard Edges, Jello Look

    • S2E15 - Type on a Wall Look, Neuron Look

    • S2E16 - Glow Beams, Gooey Letter

    • S2E17 - Canyon, Crystal Cluster

    • S2E18 - Gooey Spheres, Robot Panels, X-Particles Blobs

    • S2E19 - Joey C Wire Look, Ice Bubbles

    • S2E20 - Organic Cloth, Distorted Splines

    • S2E21 - Floaty Mesh, Paint Ball

    • S2E22 - X Box Look, Frog a port, Mouth Model Rig

    • S2E23 - Hair Animation, Fluid In Vial

    • S2E24 - Noises In C4D, Spiral Paint, Wild Grass

    • S2E25 - Illustrated City, Booles, Sharp Bevels

    • S2E26 - Pine Forest, X-Particles Snot, Softbody Splines

    • S2E27 - Mograph Towers

    • S2E28 - Sculpting Goo, Texture Swirl, Glitter In Glass

    • S2E29 - Dynamic Worm, Poly FX, Dynamic Splines

    • S2E30 - Modeling Sea Blobs, Tri Sphere

    • S2E31 - Sponge, Neon, Landscape

    • S2E32 - Ball Pop, Flip Image

    • S2E33 - Art Blob, Guts Animation

    • S2E34 - Water Drips, Glass Displace, Iron Magnets

    • S2E35 - Holes In Wood, Light Tubes, Jiggle Blob

    • S2E36 - Tail Chase, Transform Transition

    • S2E37 - AeroDynamics, Branches, Scales

    • S2E38 - Cube Roll, X-Particle Experiments

    • S2E39 - Flower Whale, Melt, Ribbon, Squid Man

You’ll learn from the best 3D design instructors…

Chris Schmidt

Chris is a Cinema 4D master, the host of AskGSG, and all-around technical wizard.

Founder / Owner

Nick Campbell

Nick is the founder of Greyscalegorilla. He creates fun tutorials with a focus on Motion Design and helps build tools and plugins to help 3D animators make great looking work.

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