Dive Into All the New Things in R25

Baffled by the new interface? Wondering what capsules are and how to use them? We have you covered. Join Andy Needham as he walks you through some of the exciting new features of R25.

Course curriculum

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    What's New in R25

    • R25 User Interface

    • R25 Asset Browser & .lib4d Files

    • R25 Dynamic Palettes

    • R25 Presets

    • R25 Track Modifier

    • R25 Vector Import

    • R25 Scene Nodes

    • R25 Capsules 01 - Gobo

    • R25 Capsules 02 - Donut


Andy Needham

Andy Needham is a senior motion designer specialized in design, animation and compositing with over 15 years of experience.