Hit the gas on your renders

Nick will walk you through using OctaneRender's new RNDR system, from setup to final render and composite. There is even a bonus breakdown of Nick's scene file. Dive on in and check it out!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Render Your Octane Scenes in record time with RNDR

    • Render Faster With RNDR

    • Getting Started With RNDR

    • How to Export and Render Your Scene Using RNDR

    • How to Composite Your Final Render using ACES

    • BONUS LESSON: A Breakdown Of Nick's Octane Scene File


Founder / Owner

Nick Campbell

Nick is the founder of Greyscalegorilla. He creates fun tutorials with a focus on Motion Design and helps build tools and plugins to help 3D animators make great looking work.