We'll trade ya: a bit of time for a bunch of know-how

Another exclusive Greyscalegorilla Plus how-to

This course, packed with hours of helpful and detailed content, will take you on-the-job as Chad makes these great beverage can renders for a client of his.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

  • 1


    • Download Project Files

    • Project Introduction

  • 2


    • Project Files

    • Texture Prep

    • C4D Layout

    • Load Can Asset

    • UV Take

    • Product Photo

    • Texture Creation

    • Label Bump Map

    • Reference Photos

    • Pure Ref

  • 3


    • Subdivision Setup

    • Camera Setup

    • Background Creation

    • Initial Lighting

    • Initial Texture

    • Lighting Tests

    • Stylized Looks

    • Base Aluminum Shader

    • Top Rim Aluminum

    • Label Material

    • AOV Prep

    • Finishing Aluminum

    • Output for Review

  • 4

    Client Review

    • Photoshop Prep

    • Google Photos

    • Client Notes

    • Studio Lighting

  • 5


    • Droplet Modeling

    • Droplet Modeling 2

    • Driplet Modeling

  • 6

    X - Particles

    • Circle Pack Prep

    • Circle Pack

    • Droplet Look

    • Droplet Tweak Can

    • Large Drops

    • Review + AOV

    • Final Look

  • 7


    • Setup Takes

    • Add Notes

    • Output

    • Render Check

  • 8


    • Fusion Comp

    • Client Posting

    • Client Revisions

    • Final Fusion Comp

    • Photoshop Assembly

    • Final Print Output

  • 9


    • Intro

    • Prep Model

    • MoGraph Rig

    • Placing Controllers

    • Light Setup

    • Reference and AOV

    • Color Takes and Xpresso

    • Animation Fusion Comp

    • Instagram Loop

    • Instagram Comp

    • Instagram Completion

You’ll learn from the best 3D design instructors…

Creative Director

Chad Ashley

Chad is the Creative Director here at Greyscalegorilla. Having spent the last 8 years as a Creative Director at Digital Kitchen in Chicago, Chad’s expansive industry experience and rich knowledge of 3D make him the perfect person to make sure our tools are up to the high standards of our growing audience. Chad develops tools, produces and creates training/tutorials, and drinks copious amounts of coffee.

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"I've managed to turn from a 2D designer baffled by the world of 3D, into a cross-disciplined designer with the ability to design prototypes and animations in 3D, along with photorealistic renders of products for real-world development and marketing."

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