We'll trade ya: a bit of time for a bunch of know-how

Another exclusive Greyscalegorilla Plus how-to

Learn how to take a fully unlit and unshaded scene and turn it into a fully photo-real and professional render. After this 42 minute project based lesson, you'll be one step closer to achieving Redshift mastery.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

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    Redshift Lighting and Shading

    • Download Project Files

    • Introduction - Result

    • Redshift Lighting and Shading - Project

You’ll learn from the best 3D design instructors…

Technical Director

Trevor Kerr

Trevor Kerr is currently a Freelance Technical Director (formerly of Man vs Machine). Trevor has worked on numerous national ad campaigns, experiential design installations, and feature films, including Marvel’s Black Panther.

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Learn Redshift Lighting and Shading

Learn the secrets to perfect renders.