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    • October 2020 - Transform, New Training in Topology, Arnold, & MoSplines, the future of Plus, and More...

    • August 2020 - Light Kit Pro Plus Roadmap, Octane X, Better Demo Reels and More...

    • June 2020 - Should You Be A Generalist or Specialist? Unreal Engine? And, Octane Training.

    • May 2020 - Mac Render Engines, Mac Pro Question, and More.

The ones A-ing The Qs

Founder / Owner

Nick Campbell

Nick is the founder of Greyscalegorilla. He creates fun tutorials with a focus on Motion Design and helps build tools and plugins to help 3D animators make great looking work.

Creative Director

Chad Ashley

Chad is the Creative Director here at Greyscalegorilla. Having spent the last 8 years as a Creative Director at Digital Kitchen in Chicago, Chad’s expansive industry experience and rich knowledge of 3D make him the perfect person to make sure our tools are up to the high standards of our growing audience. Chad develops tools, produces and creates training/tutorials, and drinks copious amounts of coffee.