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Tell your story with a real animated 3D character. In this series, Chris Schmidt goes through every single step involved with rigging and animating your very own character in Cinema 4D.
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Here's what we'll tackle together:

  • 1


    • Example - Downloads

    • Introduction to Rigging

  • 2


    • Modeling the Character

  • 3

    Quick Rig

    • Quick Rig Part 1

    • Quick Rig Part 2

    • Cleaning up the Quick Rig

  • 4

    Advanced Rigging

    • Binding and Painting Weights

    • Advanced Foot Rigging

    • Building an IK Spine

    • Soft Blending Neck Controls

    • Cy Eye Rigging

    • Eyeball Rig Fix

    • Ways to Interact With Rig

  • 5


    • Preparing for Animation

    • Our First Test Animation

  • 6

    Final Tweaks

    • Final Tweaks and Thoughts

You’ll learn from the best 3D design instructors…

Chris Schmidt

Chris is a Cinema 4D master, the host of AskGSG, and all-around technical wizard.

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