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We've gathered a curated collection of all of our favorite Greyscalegorilla training from over the years. There is enough content here that even a seasoned mograph vet will learn a thing or two.

  • Hours and hours of content

    We've made a lot of videos. Simple as that. We've pulled the best ones right here and made sure there's a little something for everybody.

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    As you can tell, we've been at this a while. We know our way around the software, and you're going to learn everything we know.

  • Become well versed in all things Cinema 4D

    There's a little something on just about every subject in here. If you can watch it all, you'll be on an entirely different level.

Let's make this commercial cherry soda look

Dynamics, particles, and a little bit of love

Perhaps one of the more popular tutorials we've ever posted, this classic tutorial will teach you some very important mograph fundamentals.

Learn how to add caustics

Caustics? What are caustics?

Caustics are one of the primary ways to get your renders looking extremely realistic, and in this classic tut - you'll learn how to get it looking right.

Make one of those cool pin sculpture things

Model it, Animate it, Have fun with it.

In this classic tut, we'll use some source footage to animate layers and model one of those trippy pin sculpture things you used to play with as a kid (or as an adult too, of course).

Let's make this lovely grassy hill

Use hair and make some grass

Almost all outdoor based renders might need some grass blowing and swaying in the wind. The ol' hair as grass trick is a Cinema 4D fundamental as old as time. If you don't know how to do it, you need to.