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Another exclusive Greyscalegorilla Plus how-to

R20 introduced quite a few new tools. In these short lessons, you will learn about major changes from R19 to R20, materials, new modeling tools, CAD Imports, and more.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

  • 1

    R20: Extra Features Overview

    • Various R20 Features - Project Files

    • Overview

    • The Bad News

    • Modeling

    • Materials

    • CAD

    • STEP CAD Example

    • Rendering

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Matthew O'Neill

Matthew O’Neill, also known as Mash, is a professional Cinema 4D trainer who has hosted countless tutorials and training series over the past 20 years. He started his 3D career working for MAXON in the UK, and has worked as a freelance 3D artist for 15 years.

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