Mesmerize your audience with flowing loops.

Another Quick Tip from Jake Allen

In this video, viewers will learn how to create an animation of looping forms in Cinema 4D using MoSplines, Effectors, and Sweeps. We'll start with the thought process behind using MoSplines to get a big performance boost under the hood, then use a Cloner along with Effectors to deform our splines and give them some springy bounce. Using Fields, we'll mask our Effector's deformations. Lastly, we'll light and render using Arnold, but with techniques that could be applied to other render engines as well.

What's Inside:

  • 1

    Mesmerizing Mosplines

    • Introduction

    • Main Training

Technical Requirements

  • C4D Version R20 and up

  • Arnold (only a suggestion, he uses it, but states that any renderer will work, it's more about the lighting and material than any specific render engine.)


Senior 3D Animator and Designer

Jake Allen

Jake Allen (he/him) is a freelance 3D Animator and designer, with a focus on creatively solving problems and finding elegant solutions to complex design challenges. His love of teaching was inspired by his time at Sarofsky, exchanging knowledge with his peers and running their 3D Labs workshop. When not pushing buttons, Jake enjoys exploring Chicago with his partner Soukprida and their adopted rescue pup, Wilbur.