Get quick solves. And get up to speed.

Guide to X-Particles gives you 20+ hours of project-based training. Start from the top or dive right into lessons on making rain, snow or shape-shifting objects.

  • Master particle effects in one place.

    Wow clients with flocking systems that swarm, swirl and crawl. Master particle morphs that dynamically change from one object to another, plus much more.

  • Learn from the pros.

    Masters of X-Particles show you the mistakes they’ve made and how to avoid them.

  • Follow along with scene files.

    Get inspiration and practice with included project files.

  • Speed up your workflow.

    Learn all the X-Particles settings and how they work together so you can do the ideal: produce impressive work in less time.

Let’s make pouring rain and car-burying snowstorms

We’ll take your clients’ breath away
with realism

Impress your clients by designing rain-splashes and wet-maps. Make wet snow drop with a splat. Make light snow gather on fence posts.

Let’s make
next-level logos

We’ll use particles to reveal geometry and logos (without showing the geometry)

Use particles to paint surfaces and volumes so your clients’ logos gleam.

Let’s make particles fly out of things

We’ll wow while keeping colors and design in tact

Master texture emission techniques - the key to more impressive X-Particles renders.

Our Instructors

Jon Bosley

Jon Bosley has been using Cinema 4D for 12 years and working in the industry for the past eight years. Currently freelancing, he has a wide variety of experience in Visualization, Motion Graphics and VFX. Clients include the BBC, General Electric, Intel, Kohler, and HarperCollins.