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Another exclusive Greyscalegorilla Plus how-to

We consider it our duty to keep you informed about what was released in each version of Cinema 4D. In this series, we'll show you which features were introduced when R21 was released.

Here's what we'll tackle together:

  • 1


    • Download Project Files

    • Introduction to Cinema 4D R21 Features

    • Cinema 4D Subscription Licensing

  • 2

    New Cinema Interface

    • New User Interface

    • Default Settings

    • Custom Icons

    • User Data Tag

  • 3

    Introduction to Field Force

    • Particles

    • Thinking Particles

    • Dynamics

    • Cloth Dynamics

    • Hair

  • 4

    R21 Fields

    • Subfields

    • Mask

    • Convert Layer

  • 5

    New R21 Volume Features

    • Cache Layer

    • Scale Per Segment

    • Curvature Maps

  • 6

    New Caps, Bevels, and Modeling Features in R21

    • Caps and Bevels

    • Modeling Improvements in R21

  • 7

    New R21 Materials and Rendering Features

    • R21 Material Improvements

    • R21 Denoiser

    • Volume Rendering

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